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Robin Wood Obituary in Boston Globe

Last month, I posted about the passing of one of my former colleagues at the Cambridge School of Weston, Robin Wood. As I said then, Robin was the theater teacher, and an inspiration to everyone around her.

Nomi discovered that the Boston Globe ran an obituary for Robin today, under the title Robin Wood, 64; spread her love of theater to varied audiences. It's a nice profile of who she was, and it mentions her dedication to education by noting that she taught up until the week before she died.

If you want to know better why I was moved to mark her passing, go read the obituary.


I don't know how I missed that post. I remember Robin Wood. She was a very good teacher and took a lot of time even with students that were not all that interested in art/dance. She was one of those teachers that I will never forget although I do not remember if I ever took any classes with her or was simply peripherally involved in things my friends did with her.

Thank you for the link. I remember a number of students taking sign language with her. I did my community service school requirement in the Children's Garden. CSW was an interesting place to go to school. I was in the minority as I was not rich, was not into sex, drugs, or alcohol. But I loved the module program and college was easy compared to CSW.

I am sure she will be much missed and I pray they can keep the theater program as rich as it was under her.
Great catch. Thanks so much for the link.

December 2016

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