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Buffy Can Go Back to Sunnydale

Apparently, there is no truth to the rumors that there are vampires at Boston Latin School.

Just, you know, in case you were worried.
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I was of the understanding that vampires preferred elite prep schools.
Button I picked up at Lunacon: "I told Buffy where the Cullens live".
One of the comments quotes "Headmaster Barnabas Collins" saying that the rumors are ridiculous. Somebody out there has it together. :)
And people wonder why no one appreciates newspapers anymore.
What amuses me is that this is apparently "breaking news."
The big problem is that when the zombie apocalypse finally comes, no one will believe the Globe is telling the truth.
Ah yes. I remember that fairy tale. The newspaper that cried 'zombie.'"
What amuses me is that this is apparently "breaking news."

I went to boston.com this afternoon to find something on the NH same-sex marriage passage. Nowhere on the front page. But! front and center was the vampire story.

I had to check the date. I think they ran this a week early.
Everyone knows that zombies are the real threat!
There are not 2,300,009 invisible vampire ghosts at BLS. (Nor are there 5,271,009.)

A Bester Fan

Loves that number.
Remind me...?



Sure, Mike! (This is Steve from MITGASP by the way)

See http://thelastmanonearth.blogspot.com/2008/06/5271009-alfred-bester-1954.html
The original number (and "invisible vampire ghosts") is from Terry Pratchett's Interesting Times. (Rincewind the Great Wizzard[sic] is helpfully telling the besieging army that "there are no invisible vampire ghosts, and there are not 2,300,009 of them waiting to eat you".) 5,271,009 is a Bester reference that has since become a standard fannish "big number" as others have mentioned.


Blue shark of friendliness

Your name is also a cute reference I like. You probably would have killed Jason off (and countless screaming Argonauts) but in a different way...
Well that's a relief.

One thing about Boston Latin I never could stomach-- all the damn vampires.


Motto -- Sumus Vampiri

though that's not what they tell the mortals...
Thank you for alerting us to this important matter! Now that I work in Boston, I worry about my safety from the undead.
On the day that Mayor Menino makes a commencement speech, it might be prudent to leave town.
Don't believe it for a second -- it's clearly a nefarious government cover-up.

(My favorite part, I think, is the "student who likes to dress in the style known as 'Goth.'" What is this bizarre and unheard-of social behavior of which they speak?)

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