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Running for Town Meeting

Back in 2001, I ran for Brookline Town Meeting and won. Ever since, I've been a Town Meeting Member representing precinct 9.

Last December, Nomi and I moved from precinct 9 to precinct 12. Conveniently enough, we ended up buying the condominium of another Town Meeting Member, one whose term, like mine, expired in 2009. Furthermore, she moved out of town entirely, leaving an open seat for me to run for in the new precinct.

However, because we're new residents in precinct 12, I'm no longer considered an incumbent for my seat. So over the past month, I've been collecting signatures from registered voters in my new precinct, asking them for the opportunity to represent them the way I represented the voters of my old precinct for these past nine years.

Yesterday, I filed my nomination papers with the Town Clerk's office and am now an official candidate for Town Meeting once again.

Interestingly enough, there's not a lot of competition going on in town this year in the local elections. The TAB posted an article today from tomorrow's paper, Prospective Selectmen, Town Meeting candidates sitting Brookline election out, in which writer Steve Bagley notes that a large number of precincts have no competition in the local races. I'm quoted in the article, pointing out that there tends not to be a lot of interest in the races unless there's a pressing local issue. And this year, the biggest issue on the table is the economy, which doesn't really have a clear-cut way to be addressed on a local level (as noted by TMM Marty Rosenthal, who is also quoted in the article).

As it stands, I may end up having an actual race, because six people have pulled nomination papers for the five Town Meeting Member positions up for election in precinct 12 this year. As a candidate myself, I'll be honest and say that it would be a lot easier for me if the race ended up uncontested. Even if that were the case, I'm still planning to call up many of my new neighbors to introduce myself as a candidate for Town Meeting Member from precinct 12.

But as a proponent of democracy, I wouldn't mind seeing more contested races throughout the town.
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