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[IRTF] Recent Online Audio Appearances

As part of my book tour for I Remember the Future, I've had two recent audio appearances.

First of all, I'm the guest on this week's episode of The Chronic Rift podcast. If you haven't heard The Chronic Rift before, and you're interested in science fiction and related topics, you ought to give it a listen. To paraphrase their own description, the podcast is based on the New York public access television show of the 1990's. Each month they deliver news, reviews, interviews and discussion on the latest in science fiction, fantasy, horror, and comic art.

In my opinion, the cast of the show display an amusing banter and awesome wit. As for what else you can expect on this week's episode, I lifted this description from John Drew's announcement on his own LiveJournal at The View From Drew – Episode Ten Ready to Go!:

In our first double digit episode, Orenthal (popfiend) and John (drewshi) talk Knight Rider despite Andrea's best efforts to stop them. Also, Andrea warms everyone up for this year's Razzie Awards. In the review department, Keith (kradical) and Derrick (dferguson) rants about the glut of comic book "events". Plus, Keith interviews Michael Burstein (mabfan) about the release of his anthology, I Remember the Future. Listen for your chance to win a copy of the anthology.

Click here to find out more and to download: The Chronic Rift Episode Ten. (At the very least, you'll want to find out why I'm such a big fan of Andrea K. Linpinksi.)

As for my other recent audio appearance, radio station WRFR out of Rockland, Maine has a weekly broadcast about science fiction that's also a podcast, called Beam Me Up. The host, Paul Cole, recently read aloud my story Paying It Forward, and you can download his reading here:

Beam Me Up Podcast: Paying It Forward, Part One

Beam Me Up Podcast: Paying It Forward, Part Two

So, enjoy.
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