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Preliminary Boskone Schedule

Nomi and I will only be at Boskone on Sunday, February 15. Here's my schedule:

Sunday 10am
How Not to Edit Yourself
Panelists: Michael A. Burstein, David G. Hartwell, James Patrick Kelly (moderator), Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Josepha Sherman. Eleanor Wood

Pitfalls. What? Why? How to avoid them.....

Sunday 11am
Panelists: Michael A. Burstein, Yvonne Carts-Powell, Daniel P. Dern (moderator), Matthew Jarpe, Alisa Kwitney Sheckley

Are there any superpowers left that we haven't seen? That we'd rather not see? Participants will explore these themes, and more.

Sunday 12noon
I'll have copies of I Remember the Future available for purchase. If anyone knows they'll want to buy one at the con, let me know in advance and I'll reserve one for you.

Sunday 1pm
Marketing Your Book
Panelists: Michael A. Burstein, Elaine Isaak, Dani Kollin, William O'Connor, Steven Popkes, Shane Tourtellotte (moderator)

From business cards to blogging, advertising to authors' tours....what works? What is dismally disappointing (or even definitively damaging)? The panel discusses interesting ways to become famous (OK, well known?......make a living?) that won't turn people off!

Sunday 3pm
I'll be reading from I Remember the Future.
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