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Stories Offered

Back in 1996, in the early days of the Internet, I became one of the first writers to offer my stories to members of the World Science Fiction Convention who were voting in the Hugo Awards. It actually wasn't until after the nominations came out, when I contacted the Hugo Administrator and suggested that all of us who had been nominated be given a chance to post our stories online for people to read. In the end, I hosted my own story and some of my competitors in the Short Story category, and voters didn't have to struggle to track down the nominated stories and read them.

Of course, today, everyone who has stories to offer for potential nomination now does so over the Internet, and so I'm doing the same. I had three stories published last year that I feel might be worthy of nomination:

Short Story:

  • "Collapse" (Polu Texni, September 29, 2008), about an astronomer who discovers that the universal collapse has begun – or so he thinks
  • "I Remember the Future" (I Remember the Future, Apex Publications, November 2008), about a retired science fiction writer at the end of his life who fears that humanity has forgotten how to dream


  • "Empty Spaces" (I Remember the Future, Apex Publications, November 2008), about a scientist whose work in studying a parallel universe has come between her and her friends and family

You'll notice that while "Collapse" is available to read online, the other stories aren't, because they're the new stories in my collection, I Remember the Future. However, if you're a member of Worldcon who would like to read either one of those stories and you don't have the book, I'm more than willing to email PDF copies of them to you for free.

Just drop me an email at story at mabfan dot com, telling me which story you'd like to read, and I'll send it along.
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