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The Move: An Update

As friends may recall, last month Nomi and I moved into a new apartment of our own. Moving always results in major stress for me, so I haven't been up for talking about the details much. But for those of you who are interested, here's a brief update.

The new apartment is slowly and surely becoming closer to feeling like home. We had a great handyman come in to install blinds in the windows and extra lighting in the kitchen, and Nomi bought shades for the dining room. Nomi also changed all the light switch plates left behind by the old occupant.

Nomi also came up with a brilliant idea when we actually moved. We had many boxes of things that we didn't need right away, and a spare bedroom. So rather than have our immediate living space filled with too many boxes, we asked the Gentle Giant movers to place the vast majority of the boxes into that back bedroom. For the moment we're calling the room "the box room," but eventually we'll unpack everything and then have that room for us to use.

In the meantime, we're able to use the living room, dining room, and kitchen without feeling overwhelmed.

The main thing that is still tasking me, however, is that we're still not completely cleared out of the old apartment. The day of the move we weren't completely packed, and the Gentle Giant crew packed up as much of the rest of our stuff as they could. By the time we hit the middle of the day, however, the crew chief suggested that they take only the rest of the really heavy items and leave the smaller, easier to transport items behind for us to move later on. This had actually been our original plan, and we had hoped to be shut of the old place by the end of January.

The problem is that we can really only pack and move more things on Sundays, and most of the Sundays of this month have either had snow or Arisia. So it wasn't until yesterday that Nomi and I and a few friends (including my older brother Jon, docorion, and seborn and her husband) helped us out. We cleaned out some rooms, threw out some trash, and packed up a bunch of things and moved them to our new place. And we're still not done; Nomi and I will have to return to the old place next month to do this again, and once more we're hoping to get help in exchange for a pizza dinner.


good timing! i was going to ask you how things were progressing.
I don't envy you. I've moved several times in the last few years and hope that we can stay in our current place for many years to come.

As for helping, I'll say to you what I said to another distant friend seeking help for a move: I can be bribed with pizza, Dr. Pepper, and a plane ticket. ;)
We can afford the pizza and the Dr. Pepper... :-)

I'm hoping this will be the last move for a long, long time. We were 9 years in our last place because it served our needs. With luck, this new place will serve our needs even better and for longer.
Moving is never fun. *snugs* on still having more to do. May many friends be available to help you move everything out of the apt next month.
I can guard doors, but that's about it! *wry grin* *hugs* Hope a LOT of folks can help!
Would you recommend your handyman? We've been looking for a decent one.
We recommend him very highly. I'm not sure if he does work in Malden, though, but you can ask him. I'll pass along contact info in email.
Great, thank you!

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