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[IRTF] SF Site Interview

Arisia was a lot of fun, and kept us both very busy. If I have time, I might report on the convention a bit.

In the meantime, here's a link to an interview Steven H Silver did of me in which I talk about fandom, writing, religion, influences, and of course, I Remember the Future:

The SF Site: An Interview with Michael A. Burstein.

The money quote that has been popping up on links to the interview seems to be this one:

You've said that Isaac Asimov was a major inspiration to you. How did he affect your writing career and which other authors do you feel you owe a debt to?

I could write a whole article about Isaac Asimov. Come to think of it, I have, for the fanzine Mimosa, and it's available on my website. It would be far too long to reproduce here. But the short version is that Asimov, being as prolific and open about his life as he was, gave the rest of us a blueprint to follow if we wanted to do so.

(The interview is also available by downloading the latest issue of Argentus.)
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