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Arisia '09 Schedule

Playing catch-up...

Nomi and I will be at the Arisia convention next weekend. Here's an abbreviated panel schedule for the two of us. Of particular note is that on Sunday I will be doing a book signing for I Remember the Future. If anyone coming to the convention wants to buy their copy directly from me, let me know so I'll make sure to bring some.

Friday 8 pm
Super-Mega-Epic Crossovers (Michael)

Friday 9 pm
Uncivil War (Michael)

Saturday 10 am
Iron Man: "Yeah, I Can Fly." (Michael)

Saturday 1 pm
Reading (Michael)

Saturday 1 pm
TV Year in Review (Nomi)

Saturday 2 pm
Keeping the Faith: Changes in Your Comics (Michael)

Saturday 4 pm
15 Years of Babylon 5 (Michael)

Sunday 12noon
Book Signing (Michael)

Sunday 3 pm
Pushing Daisies (Michael, Nomi)

Monday 11 am
Abby Normal (Nomi)

Monday 12noon
Politics in Comics (Michael)

Monday 12noon
Grok, Hobbit! (Nomi)

Monday 1 pm
Your Fandom Origin Story (Nomi)


At one point Nomi was listed as being on the "My Fandom's Not Dead Yet" panel that I was moderating, but I just now checked and that's disappeared from Zambia entirely. :( Phooey, I thought that one would be fun.
Man, I feel like I'm going to have convention withdrawals this year, so few will I be able to get to.
Wow. I'm feeling very upset that I will be missing Arisia. Some of the panels look quite cool.
I'll tell Larry Smith -- he's been having trouble getting copies of your book from the publisher, and I'd hoped to buy one from him today at GAFilk. He wanted to talk to you, but had assumed you'd not be at Arisia.

(Also, Borders doesn't carry it either, which I think a grave oversight.)
The Borders in downtown Boston is carrying it, so it's not like they haven't heard of it. They ought to be able to get it from their distributor. (As it is, Borders has been having their own problems and they're not stocking all the kinds of books they used to.)
I know that Borders doesn't stock anything, but the nice man at the store couldn't find it in the database, and I double checked to make sure I was spelling everything correctly. I saw that he was typing correctly. Do Boston Borders communicate with NYC Borders?
That's odd. They should be able to find it listed with Ingram, one of their main distributors.
Okay, I'll try to tell them when we get back to NYC.

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