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Arisia '09 Schedule

Playing catch-up...

Nomi and I will be at the Arisia convention next weekend. Here's an abbreviated panel schedule for the two of us. Of particular note is that on Sunday I will be doing a book signing for I Remember the Future. If anyone coming to the convention wants to buy their copy directly from me, let me know so I'll make sure to bring some.

Friday 8 pm
Super-Mega-Epic Crossovers (Michael)

Friday 9 pm
Uncivil War (Michael)

Saturday 10 am
Iron Man: "Yeah, I Can Fly." (Michael)

Saturday 1 pm
Reading (Michael)

Saturday 1 pm
TV Year in Review (Nomi)

Saturday 2 pm
Keeping the Faith: Changes in Your Comics (Michael)

Saturday 4 pm
15 Years of Babylon 5 (Michael)

Sunday 12noon
Book Signing (Michael)

Sunday 3 pm
Pushing Daisies (Michael, Nomi)

Monday 11 am
Abby Normal (Nomi)

Monday 12noon
Politics in Comics (Michael)

Monday 12noon
Grok, Hobbit! (Nomi)

Monday 1 pm
Your Fandom Origin Story (Nomi)
Tags: boston, conventions, science-fiction

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