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My Father's Birthday

Today happens to be my father's birthday. Were he still alive, he'd be 79 years old.

I've talked about my father and his life before, usually in posts around the time of his yahrzeit. But I'm thinking about him today for a few reasons.

First of all, my younger brother Josh called yesterday, because he too was thinking about Dad. Josh and I tend to stay in close touch, which is nice because he's so far away now. Anyway, we talked about Dad and family.

Secondly, I also spoke with my younger half-brother Danny yesterday. (He's older than me, but he's the younger of my two half-brothers.) Danny's the only brother of mine that I know of who consistently reads my blog, and we talked about my post from yesterday. For those of you wondering about the Son of Sam story, he's told me that he'll write it up at some point and send it along for me to post.

Thirdly, my cousin Gerry called this weekend to share some more information about my family history (on my mom's side). I've mentioned visiting the grave of my great-great-grandfather Iudel Sokolovsky, who died in 1906, and I knew nothing about him. I now know a little more, including the fact that in the last years of his life he always had hot cocoa ready for his grandchildren when they came home from school. With luck, somehow I'll find out more.

Finally, I'm also thinking about Dad because of the current economic situation. Dad was born in December 1929, which meant he was born right as the Depression started. As I've noted before, it tended to affect his whole outlook on life. Every now and then, I wish I still had him around for advice or perspective, and I feel it particularly poignantly at a time like this. Our lives are going through some changes right now, and I wish I could talk to him.
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