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[IRTF] Another Good Review, From SFScope

On Friday, SFScope posted a review of I Remember the Future. I had been eagerly anticipating this review for a few reasons, one of which is that the reviewer is my friend Ian Randal Strock.

What I find intriguing about Ian's review is that he didn't just write a dry review about the book, but he also wrote a little bit about the friendship we've shared over the years. In some ways, it may be an odd thing to do, but it does make it clear that there's a disclaimer to keep in mind when reading the review. He starts the review by talking about how we met, and then notes, "That's a far more personal introduction for a book review than I've ever written, or than I expect to read, but Michael's stories engender that personal kind of feeling."

Which, of courses, pleased me very much. Here's a sample of what Ian wrote:

His stories are quiet, often moving explorations of life and loss and memory. He writes eloquently about the need to remember horrible events after all the survivors have died ("Kaddish for the Last Survivor", "Time Ablaze"), about overcoming barriers not to happiness, but to fulfillment ("TeleAbsence", the "Broken Symmetry" series), time travel and memory ("Spaceships", "I Remember the Future", "Cosmic Corkscrew"), aging and science and some of the classical science fictional tropes ("Decisions", "Seventy-Five Years", "Paying It Forward"), and occasionally, outright, religion ("Sanctuary"). He isn't a splashy writer, probably not exciting enough to be best-seller material. But neither is he a flash-in-the-pan, here-today-and-gone-tomorrow writer. His stories have staying power because they're quietly moving. They may not stick with you word for word, but their ideas will remain.

If you'd like to read more, click on the link: SFScope Review of I Remember the Future. And if you want to see Ian's appearance in the second story I ever published (only 1000 words!), it's free to read at this link: Sentimental Value.
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