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[IRTF] Brookline Writes - BATV

As part of the promotion for I Remember the Future, this month I am appearing on the local cable access TV show Brookline Writes. Brookline Writes is a TV show devoted to featuring Brookline writers. I'm appearing on a panel discussion with Dan Kimmel and Gary Wolf. Here's the official listing:

“Brookline Writes,” a series of lively panel discussions about books broadcast on Brookline Access TV, continues its second season with December’s program on science fiction. Joining host Peggy Hogan are Michael A. Burstein, author of the short story collection “I Remember the Future;” Daniel M. Kimmel, film critic and Internet science fiction reviewer, whose new book “I’ll Have What She’s Having: Behind the Scenes of the Great Romantic Comedies” is just out; and Gary K. Wolf, the celebrated author of the novel “Who Censored Roger Rabbit?” whose literary vision of humans cohabitating with animated characters became a reality in the $750 million blockbuster Disney/Spielberg film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”and inspired the themed Toontown Disney Parks at Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland. His latest science fiction novel, “Space Vulture,” is a collaboration with his childhood friend, Archbishop John J. Myers.

In their wide-ranging, provocative exchange, the three writers discuss with Hogan their individual introductions to their genre, the attractions and challenges of creating alternate universes, and the differences between science-based fiction and fantasy, as well as the peculiar pleasure of visiting Disney’s version of a world you created. Broadcasts continue through December. See for a full schedule.

If you don't live in Brookline, clicking on the link above will bring you to the TV show's website where you can also watch the half-hour on streaming video.
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