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[IRTF] Free Fiction and Hour of the Wolf Interview

I hope everyone who celebrated the holiday had a good Thanksgiving. If I have a moment, I'll try to post a little bit about what Nomi and I did.

In the meantime, here's a few quick announcements related to (what else?) I Remember the Future.

First of all, Apex Publications has informed me that all of the pre-ordered hardcovers have shipped, with the exception of those that were damaged or went missing. If you are expecting a copy of the book and have not received an email from Apex, you can assume that your copy is on its way.

Second, Apex Publications routinely offers free fiction at their Get a Taste of Apex page, and right now they're offering one of my stories from I Remember the Future. The story, Paying It Forward, is one of my favorites, and this is your chance to read it for free if you haven't read it yet. As an added bonus, they've even put up my afterword to the story, which is original to the book. So go read and enjoy.

Finally, as I noted last week, on Saturday morning I was the featured guest on the WBAI radio program Hour of the Wolf. If you missed my appearance (which was taped a two months earlier), you can now listen to it via mp3 streaming audio on the WBAI archives at Michael A. Burstein on WBAI's Hour of the Wolf. As an added bonus, for part of the interview I read aloud the title story of my collection.

So there you have it. Two free stories to enjoy, one on a website, and one as an "audiobook." Let me know what you think.
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