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[IRTF] Two Reviews and Hour of the Wolf

A few quick announcements:

First of all, for those of you in the New York City area, this Saturday morning WBAI (99.5 FM) will be broadcasting my latest appearance on the Hour of the Wolf radio show. The host, Jim Freund (LJ:jfreund), and I taped the interview on September 19, so you'll have to cast your mind back to International Talk Like a Pirate Day when you listen. But this is your chance to hear me read the title story of my collection I Remember the Future.

If you're not in New York City, the show is also available via streaming audio over the Internet. For more information, check out WBAI, New York.

Secondly, there have been two recent reviews I've been meaning to mention. Fortunately, Apex Publications has already done so on their blog, so I can link to their announcements.

The first review was in Science Fiction Weekly. In the Apex blog post on the review, Apex extracts out some nice praise for "Time Ablaze." Paul Di Filippo wrote the review, and he makes it clear that my writing style is one of clarity. I would probably have added the word "Asimovian" to describe my style, and I'm not the only one. As Robert J. Sawyer said on his own blog, "Michael A. Burstein is an Isaac Asimov for the new millennium."

The second review is not available on line unless you're a paying member of the magazine, but it's a nice one. The American Library Association publishes a monthly magazine called Booklist, in which they make their recommendations to member libraries. As noted by Apex in their blog post about the review, Regina Schroeder of Booklist had praise for the two new stories in the book:

“Empty Spaces,” the first of the new tales, is another speculation in the particle-accelerator saga of the three supercollider stories. “I Remember the Future” is a touching ode to the golden age sf writers who inspire Burstein. Like those of the early sf masters, Burstein’s stories aren’t always carried by the characters; speculation takes center stage more often than not. That said, he has got a good hand on the classic genre tropes, and the collection is well worth reading.

I'm particularly pleased by this review because of my own association with our local library, and because I know that Bookiist receives thousands of materials for review every month, and they only publish reviews for items that they are actually recommending to their members. So, to be as transparent as my writing, I'm hoping this will help generate some library sales.
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