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New Scientist Science Fiction Special

New Scientist magazine has posted the articles from their New Scientist Science Fiction Special: The Future of a Genre. All the articles will be appearing in their 15 November issue as well.

The articles include the responses from six writers to the question "Is science fiction dying?"; a series of book reviews, including a list of other great books to read that includes I Remember the Future; and the results of their poll of people's favorite science fiction movies and novels. The winners: Blade Runner and Dune.


Just wondering how long it takes to get one of these things from Apex.

They confirmed my pre-order on October 30. Still nada.
You're getting one of the signed hardcovers, and I can tell you that I sent all the signed hardcovers back to Apex only this week. Once Apex gets them all back, they'll sort them and send them out, and I'll keep folks posted.

The delay is my fault, not theirs; I didn't expect that we'd end up with as many pre-orders as we did. I was signing books for hours.
How odd. The winning book is a book I got 12 pages into and lost interest and patience with (which almost never happens to me). The winning film is something I have never been able to watch all the way through in one sitting without getting bored, and which is (as usual for PKD) almost totally unlike the book.
Neither of those were what I voted for either.

In book, I voted for The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein.

Oddly, I don't recall which movie I voted for. It might have been Star Wars.
I somehow missed the vote but would have gone with either the Foundation trilogy or Childhood's End for books, and The Matrix or Minority Report for film.

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