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We Voted

Nomi and I got up early to vote today. We almost always do, and usually we try to get to our polling place at 6:50 am or so, ten minutes before they open. But four years ago there was already a long line at that time, so today we decided to get to the polls by 6:30 am instead.

It's a good thing we did. When we got there, there were already ten people on line in front of us. At 6:45 am, I stepped outside to count the number of people on line; it was already up to 43 people.

They opened the polls at 7 am, and we went in and voted. Our ballots were #15 and #16 inserted into the scanning machine.

When we left, the line was down the block, and people were still joining it.

I'm anticipating record turnout today.


What's the big deal about voting first thing? More often than not, I vote after work, often not very long before the polls close. I've seldom had to wait on line at such times, and my vote counts no less than the one who voted when the polls first opened.

One of the reasons I tend to go after work is because that way, it's easier to bring the kids along, without making them late for school. And showing them the importance of voting really is a big deal.

As it happens, work has been really busy lately, so I voted before work, for fear of winding up stuck at work late and missing my chance. But rather than going first thing when the polls opened, I showed up about an hour later. Another blog reported very long lines at my precinct at opening time, but when I went in, there were only half a dozen people in front of me.

Voting first thing in the morning means that if I get hit by a bus during the day, I'll still have made it to the polls.

December 2016

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