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[IRTF] The Publication Party; or, Today I Am Neil Gaiman

Michael Signing Books at the Publication Party Michael Signing Books at the Publication Party
Photo copyright ©2008 by John Pearlman.


As I've been going on about for quite some time, this is now the first week of publication for my collection I Remember the Future, and yesterday we held the publication party at the Public Library of Brookline, in Hunneman Hall.

We had the room from 1 pm to 5 pm, the entire time the library was open. At around 12:15 pm, our friends Michele Matthews, Andrew & Heather Greene, Yossi Charpak, and Jonah & Joanne Safar all showed up to help us transport boxes of books and everything else we needed from our apartment to the library. We got to the library loading dock at 12:30 pm, where Frank, the custodian on duty, helped us move the books to Hunneman Hall on the second floor. By the time the library was open, we were good to go.

The entire party is something of a blur for me. Although the party didn't officially start until 2 pm, a few people showed up early, one or two because they forgot about the time change. Nomi's father picked up the food from Rubin's and our friends set it out before the party began. I was supposed to eat one of the rollups, but I forgot, so I ended up not eating any of the food we brought for the party.

For the first hour, I circulated, talking with guests. We had people from all aspects of my life. Friends from fandom, from our synagogue (including our rabbi!), from work, from high school, from college, from schools where I taught, from my involvement in Brookline politics, all converged on the party. The biggest surprise was that my eleventh-grade American History teacher, Irving Steinfink, showed up, as he now lives in Brookline.

In the end, we had about 150 people there over the course of the party. I was gobsmacked.

At about 2:45 pm, I went to the lectern and spoke for a few minutes about the book. I thanked everyone for coming to the party, and I thanked a few people more specifically, including the friends who helped us set up for the party; Jennifer Pelland, the writer who connected me with Apex; Jason B. Sizemore, the publisher of Apex; my in-laws; and, most important of all, my wife and my parents. I only wish Mom and Dad were still alive to see this.

At that point, Nomi and I sat at tables in front of the room. With the assistance of our friends, she sold copies of the book to people who wanted to buy it, while I signed books for anyone who was patient enough to wait on line.

Folks wait in line to get I Remember the Future signed by the author Folks wait in line to get I Remember the Future signed by the author
Photo copyright ©2008 by John Pearlman.

That's right. There was a line. A long one, which didn't die down until close to 5 pm, an hour after we had originally said the party would end. I signed books for almost two hours straight. As Nomi put it, yesterday I was Neil Gaiman.

And as Nomi put it, we sold lots of books.

When it all ended, our friends who had helped us shlep stuff to the party helped us shlep stuff back; fortunately, there was a lot less we had to shlep back. Nomi and I tallied the sales and as of this morning, I believe I've earned out my advance.

If you missed the party, or even if you were there, and want to see pictures, check out the links below. My father-in-law snapped a lot of photos, which are in my LiveJournal gallery, and our good friend Josh Rosenthal posted his own pictures and a video of my speech, both of which are also linked to at the end of this post.

As for the rest of the week, on Thursday afternoon I'm taping a TV show for Brookline Access Television, and on Saturday night I'll be signing copies of the book at Pandemonium Books and Games in Cambridge. So if you want another chance to get a signed copy of the book, there it is.

Copies of I Remember the Future waiting to be sIgned Copies of I Remember the Future waiting to be sIgned
Photo copyright ©2008 by John Pearlman.

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