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[IRTF] Now I Know It's Real

I just got email from the good folks at Brookline Booksmith, the independent bookstore in Coolidge Corner.

Copies of I Remember the Future are in and ready for me to sign.

The books are sitting there, for sale, in a real brick and mortar bookstore.


In other news, one last reminder to all that the publication party will be held this Sunday at the Public Library of Brookline and is open to everyone.


I bought my copy of I Remember the Future there yesterday and made a point of telling them how cool it was to see my friend's book there, since he was a resident of Brookline. :-)
Wow! Thank you!

You're bringing it on Sunday, right?
You're welcome, and yes, I definitely am bringing the book Sunday for you to sign. :-D
If we're interested in buying a copy on Sunday, can we use plastic, or just cash?
Cash or check is preferred, to be honest. If you have to use a credit card, though, I think we can work something out where the publisher can charge you. But cash or check will be a lot easier.

Also, you have a copy pre-ordered already, and I know your dad asked me to make sure you pick up a hardcover for him. Are you planning to buy any more? We've got lots! :-)
It's the copy for my dad. :-)
Congrats on the book!
How exciting. Congratulations again.
Thank you!
Really???!!!! You have a book coming out???!!! What's it about??? Why didn't you say something???!!!
Ha, ha, ha. :-)
We've learned that we have Sunday free, and all 4 of us will celebrate with you at your pub. party. Put us down for a copy, as well, if they'll be there.
Wonderful! And there should be a copy for you to buy. (We're taking cash or checks to Apex.)

I'm sorry I'm missing the party. Have fun!

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