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Two Good Reviews

I have a cold that's making it difficult for me to sleep, so I figured I'd link to two recent good reviews that cheered me.

First, a comic book and science fiction fan named Laura "Tegan" Gjovaag recently came across "TeleAbsence" in the Wondrous Beginnings anthology edited by Steven H Silver and Martin H. Greenberg and had this to say in A Sunday Review:

..."TeleAbsence" by Michael A Burstein was a heart-rending tale of what technology should be and could be, with dead-on truths of why it can't be.

Secondly, Rusty who runs his site called posted a review of "Collapse" in which he said the following:

While this storyline may not sound too enticing, I found it to be quite an easy and interesting read. Michael Burstein is a great writer, and that makes “Collapse” a pleasure to read.

It's comments like these that make it all worthwhile, especially when I'm having trouble sleeping.
Tags: personal, science-fiction, stories, writing

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