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[IRTF] Website Tour

One of the important pieces of a marketing plan for a book is to have a website, as noted in the book The Savvy Author's Guide to Book Publicity. A website is a relatively inexpensive way for an author and a publisher to promote a book. I knew that when I Remember the Future was about to be published, I would want it to have its own separate site, independent of my author website and this blog.

So I turned, once again, to Heather Greene.

Years ago, Heather had done the design for Michael A. Burstein's Homepage, and I very much liked the result. Fortunately for me, Heather was willing to help me out again for this new site.

First, though, I needed to figure out what a website devoted to a book needed. I looked at the site that my friend Jennifer Pelland had put together for her collection Unwelcome Bodies along with a few others, typed up some scattered notes, and emailed them to Heather with the request that she work her magic.

And she did.

Burstein Books is now all set to promote I Remember the Future. We've included the following pages on the site:

The press kit includes all the materials I created for my Boston University book marketing class, as well as the standard publisher's TIP sheet that goes to bookstores to explain what the book is all about.

By the way, Heather also helped me update Michael A. Burstein's Homepage, which I had barely touched since January of 2007, when my mom died. My author page now includes pictures of the cover to I Remember the Future as well as more up-to-date news.

So, one more time, I'd like to thank Heather for all her help. As I noted before, if you're a writer who needs a site designed, Heather's rates are very reasonable, and I highly recommend her.
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