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[IRTF] More Cool Book News: Website, Review, Signing, and Party

To begin with, I apologize if most of my recent news has been about the upcoming publication of my collection, I Remember the Future. I hope my friends understand that I'm rather excited by this and so it does tend to occupy my days. (Besides, at the moment the rest of my life is mostly dull.) So for those of you looking for discussion beyond the book, well, feel free to suggest a topic.

In the meantime, here's the latest news.

First of all, the brand new website for I Remember the Future is now up. The site can be found at, and it features quotes, the press kit, and information on how and where to buy the book. If you're a bookseller and you're selling the book, by all means let me know and I'll add you to the page as a place where customers can find it. If you're a writer trying to promote your own book, feel free to study the press kit; I put it together as part of my recent class at Boston University on book marketing.

The site was designed by Heather Greene, and I want to thank her publicly for her work. If you're a writer who needs a site designed, Heather's rates are very reasonable, and I highly recommend her.

Secondly, we've had our first major review in the popular press; in this case, the excellent ComicMix site. Among other things, they had this to say about the book:

Even if you've read all of these stories before, this collection offers you new insight....These stories are all heartfelt and entertaining and each one appeals to a different taste and preference. If you enjoy science fiction, pick it up. If you don't normally go for sci-fi, hey, still pick this up. These stories are, at their core, about people and the world we all deal with. And who can't find something to enjoy about that?

(For more, see the full review.)

Thirdly, my first in-store book signing has been set up. Although they haven't advertised it yet on their site or blog, Pandemonium Books in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is the place. I'll be signing copies of I Remember the Future on Saturday, November 8, starting at 7 pm, as (apparently) the Guest of Honor for their Pandemonium Potluck event.

And finally, Nomi and I are putting together the final touches for the open publication party on Sunday. We'll have music, kosher deli wraps from Rubin's, and many copies of the book in both hardcover and trade paperback for sale. If you pre-ordered the hardcover, you can pick up your copy in person at the party. (It would be useful for folks planning to do that to let me know.)

All that said, Nomi and I could use some help getting things to the Public Library of Brookline on Sunday. If you're willing to stop by our place early and help carry and drive over some boxes of books, please let me know. So far, we've got two friends and Nomi's parents helping out; any other help would be appreciated.
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