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[IRTF] Books!

So, just after the Jewish holidays came to an end, Nomi and I headed downstairs to run errands, only to find the first shipment of pre-orders and books for the publication party on our (figurative) doorstep.

Books! Books!
Michael A. Burstein and the first shipment of copies of I Remember the Future. Photo copyright ©2008 by Nomi S. Burstein.

If you pre-ordered, you'll still have to wait until after the pub date for your books to arrive, as I won't be signing any until November 2, the date of the party.

It's a real book. Wow.


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Woo hoo!
Yasher koach! I can't wait for the party!
I might talk to you off line about asking you to help us move stuff to the party, if you think you might have the time and inclination...
That must feel really good. Congratulations.
wow, indeed!


I got a call from my mother the other day telling me you'd gotten a write up in the Hunter Highschool Alumni letter. That's when you know you've made it! :-)

I owe you e-mail. Nomi too.
You'll email us when you can.

We still need to exchange the Doctor Who books...
Will you have autographed copies we can order directly from you? :)
That's...an interesting question. The ones I have on hand now are the pre-ordered HCs and the books from the publisher I'm supposed to sell at the publication party. Any leftover books are supposed to go back to the publisher.

However, if you decide to order a copy from Apex now, and indicate in an email that you want a signed one, I do have some extra HCs for the party. If they don't all sell out, I imagine I can sign it and have it sent to you...

Let me check with Apex and get back to you.
If you want to see a copy early, I can show you one, but I'm not allowed to give you your pre-ordered copy until the party.
Highly awesome! I'll be sure to get one.
Hurray Michael!
Holy crap, that's a tall stack of boxes! I think I've sold that many *total* since mine came out. Congrats!
Woooo! Books!

When will you be around? I'm doing a signing at Pandemonium in Cambridge on the night of Saturday November 8, if you can't make it to the pub party.
My book's in one of those boxes! That makes me very gleeful.

Will you be going to Worldcon in Montreal? I'd love to buy you a beverage-of-your-choice if you are.
We are hoping to go to Worldcon in Montreal. It would help if one of the new stories in the book got nominated for the Hugo. :-)
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