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[IRTF] I Remember the Future Pre-Order Deadline

Just a reminder...

As the publication date of I Remember the Future is approaching, the deadline for pre-ordering an autographed hardcover directly from the publisher is also coming up fast.

That deadline is Wednesday, October 15, a week from today.

After October 15, you'll still be able to order a hardcover copy from the publisher or buy it from your favorite bookseller, but to get it autographed you'll have to find me at a convention or a book signing. Also, only in the pre-ordered hardcovers will I write a phrase such as "Thanks for pre-ordering the hardcover!" making it clear to folks on eBay that you've purchased a special item.

So, if you want to pre-order the autographed hardcover, click here.

And don't forget the publication party on November 2. (Copies purchased at the publication party will say, "Thanks for coming to the publication party!" or something similar.)


Your publisher very kindly emailed me when I'd been having that trouble earlier - apparently, my payment went through, but hadn't actually attached to a book. I'm very impressed, and am counting the days until I've got something to hound the postman about.
Can I get "Thanks for pre-ordering the hardcover AND for coming to the publication party! And also thanks for that fabulous time we had in Reno..." on mine? Huh? Huh? Can I?
You can get all that...and so much more. :-)

Now wait a second...

Nevada is horribly confusing. I had just about absorbed "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." Now I also have to remember "What happens in Reno may be inscribed in a book."

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