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Isaac Newton's Birthday

So, for Isaac Newton's birthday, Nomi and I went to Rubin's, the kosher deli, for brunch, and to Taam China, the kosher Chinese restaurant, for dinner.

No movie, although we did watch an episode of Firefly. Not the two-hour episode yet, though.


Hi and good to almost meet you...

Yes, I didn't actually do the Mad Fan Thing and come up and pump your hand up and down and ask you to autograph all my issues of Analog with your stories in them and all that...

But we did share a row at the LJ panel...I was the fuzzy guy across the aisle.

Anyway, I commented here b/c my Physics teacher in H.S. always celebrated Newtonmas with a day filled with lab experiments and general merriment and fun.

In a quirk of fate, I ran into him over a decade after graduating. He had quit teaching, gotten his MCSE, and was consulting for a company that got called in to fix a problem we were having at my company.

Talk about two jaws dropping to the floor at once when he walked into the room...

Funny world.

Re: Hi and good to almost meet you...

"Almost" meet? I thought we had!

Do you actually have all those issues of Analog with my stories in them? I've had some interesting fan experiences, given how little I've actually published so far... It's nice when someone is actually aware of my work.

I had my own weird experience similar to yours. In college, I took a course on Jewish Life in Eastern Europe and had a TA for my section named David. A few years later, I was in Physics grad school and teaching a lab section in a course for the LEAP program, for older students who decided to change careers and become engineers. David ended up my student in that class!

We both got A's, by the way... :-)˙

Re: Hi and good to almost meet you...

Heh...it's a funny world. Circles in circles.

Well, I didn't actually have them all with me at Arisia. I have them all though, because I think I've been a subscriber since your first publication in Analog, and I don't throw them away. :)

:) Well, we'll call each other met now, one way or the other. Did you meet/talk to prettypammie.

Pam reminds me that we did meet you, together, but it was at a previous con, probably Arisia.

Okay..she remembers these things better than me. She's got one story submitted right now, and a couple more in work, and a couple more in the "kernel of idea" stage...Maybe you guys will both be authors on a panel together next year!

crossing fingers...I'll keep critiquing 'em as long as she keeps puttin' 'em in front of me.

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