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Dusty (1995-2008)

In 1995, my friends Heather and Andrew found an adorable kitten they named Dusty. Dusty was a lovable and loving cat, never mean to anyone, always purring, always open for a hug. He looked like a cross between a cat and a squirrel when he was found, with a huge bushy tail and ears he had to grow into.

My favorite memory of Dusty was when Nomi and I were once staying over with our friends. In the early morning, while Nomi was still sleeping, Dusty leaped into the bed and looked at Nomi, then at me.

"Meow?" he asked.

"Sure," I said. "I think she'd want you to lick her nose."

Dusty padded over to the sleeping Nomi and went over to her nose. Lick, lick.

She said "Nrrrrgh!" and turned over.

Dusty came back and looked at me, puzzled. "Meow?"

"I guess she didn't want you to lick her nose after all."

We lost Dusty over the weekend, to illness. I will miss him.

Dusty (1995-2008) Dusty (1995-2008)
Photo copyright ©2008 Michael A. Burstein

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