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Quick Update and a Dream

It's the day before Rosh Hashana, so I'm going to be in radio silence for a few days, which probably would mean more if I were posting more often. I do want to let people know that I'm still working on posts about New York and Broadway, and that I'll be posting links to my new short story later today.

Last night, I had a dream that I and a bunch of friends shared an apartment in a large complex with a huge garden, filled with pathways and fencing. Another friend showed up with his luggage; he was supposed to be going away, but his vacation plans were cancelled, and now he had no place to stay. We had no room for him either, but we all went into the garden to figure out plans, while one friend went around to the neighbors' apartments to explain the predicament.

And as we stood in the garden, from every window in the apartment complex the other residents tossed us their spare keys. They showered down upon us, glittering lazily in the blue sky, showing us that every neighbor was willing to help out our friend who needed a place to stay.

Interpretations welcome.
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