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Win an Appearance in an Iron Man Novel

I discovered from Brad Meltzer yesterday that Bob Greenberger is offering a Tuckerization in his next Iron Man novel. The eBay listing reads as follows:

"Iron Man 2" is an as-yet-unnamed original novel set in the Marvel Universe featuring the cast of characters now made world famous from the box office smash film. The novel will be published sometime in 2009 and the winner will be written in to a scene. The more donated, the larger the part.

Bob Greenberger is a long time comic book editor and administrator, currently serves as News Editor at He additionally writes fiction and non-fiction such as this year’s Essential Batman Encyclopedia.

This item is a part of the Siegel & Shuster Society auction to help Save the Siegel House.

This is part of Brad's Ordinary People Change the World initiative, about which you can find more at the link.

The eBay item listing is here: Bob Greenberger – Iron Man 2.

So if you've ever wanted to appear in the same fictional universe as Tony Stark, now's your chance. But act fast; the auction ends in a week.

Thanks to Brad for letting me know.

Michael A. Burstein, Brad Meltzer Michael A. Burstein, Brad Meltzer
Photo copyright ©2008 by Adam Conway.

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