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ISP woes

Many of you may know that for the longest time, I've used theworld.com as my ISP. My main email address, mab at mabfan dot com, is simply a forwarder email set to send my mail to theworld.com.

Well, over the past few days, emails to mabfan have been bouncing, as apparently have many emails directly to my theworld.com address as well.

Although I've gotten myself an account at sff dot net as well, they're set up not to accept most emails forwarded from my mabfan address. And to use their smtp server, I have to use the mab at sff dot net address. So I can't just switch everything over to there.

In short: I'm looking for an ISP that will accept emails addressed to me at mabfan dot com; that will let me send out emails as mab at mabfan dot com; and that will allow me to use Eudora to download and send all my email. It would also be nice if I could keep my mirror webpage files there as well (a friend has written me a perl script that allows me to edit my webpage files at theworld.com, so I can automatically send them to the company that hosts mabfan dot com.

Any recommendations? And if you're sending me email, don't assume I'm getting it.


Pay for Yahoo's mail program and it will let you download emails and send from any address. But that doesn't help you get to the internet to begin with, so that part of the question I'm useless about. I used Earthlink and liked it for 4 years, but it was a good bit more pricy than other ISPs, so I may not be someone to listen to there. :)
At the moment, dialing in to the Internet doesn't seem to be a problem. So if a paid Yahoo account allows for downloading, that might be one option.
I've been very happy with the shell account from JTAN that I've had since 1999. If you use this link I get a small discount on my next renewal, but if you don't that's ok too -- my recommendation is not contingent on kickbacks. The $99/year account comes with generous disk space for mail/web/whatever (1G disk, 2G/month bandwidth), and you can read mail via the usual protocols or directly on the shell machine using pine (which is what I do). I use a pobox.com address and have never had any problems from JTAN with that. I assume there wouldn't be any problems with Eudora, but I haven't used it myself.

I'll take a look -- thanks!
A question -- I can't find anything on their webpage about using Eudora to download email from a POP server. Do you know if one can?
The features page says "Access with Shell clients, Webmail, and secure protocols like POP, POPS, IMAP, IMAPS, APOP, XTND XMIT, POP/Auth, and SMTP/Auth (STARTTLS)". So they support POP in several flavors; is there anything special about which client one uses that affects that? (I don't use POP, so I don't know where the pitfalls are.) You could send them mail and ask -- support at jtan dot com should do the trick.
Tigerbright uses Panix, has since before I met her. I don't think there are local dialup numbers, but I could be wrong. I think everything else you mentioned fits.
I used to have a panix account, back when I lived in NYC. I gave it up when I moved here, and I must admit that I regret having done so. I've considered using panix again, but I'd like to explore other options first.
Just chatted with the redhaired feline in question, and Panix does have Boston dialup now. She sends out mail using various email aliases via Pine (as the listed address); Eudora is easy to set up (I used to do tech support, including for Eudora) and Panix supports it.

I'm going to rephrase what you posted above (pardon me) in case you dial up an ISP asking them what they offer:
They need to have domain hosting and domain mail forwarding;
They need to have web-hosting, including domain-based web-hosting;
They need to have tech support that knows how to support Eudora.

Tigerbright tells me they charge her $25 a month for the kind of domain hosting they have; mirroring may be more expensive.

All that said, if you have the time then do explore the other options.
Panix would be good were it not for the fact that I have a host for mabfan.com. It's being hosted for free for three years at 1and1.com. So I don't want to lose that in order to get email at mabfan.com.

However, I might have found a way to set up email to be downloaded directly from there. Watch this space...
I'm going to add one more thing to the rephrase:

They need to be able to host one mailing list.

As it, now that I've managed to set up my mabfan.com host to hold mail for me in a new mailbox of my choosing, I'm almost ready to abandon theworld.com. I just need to learn how to edit my html files directly, and I need to have a mailing list (majordomo, perhaps). I don't know if my host (1and1.com) does this, but I'm going to look into it.

I may find myself migrating back to panix in two and a half years...

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