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Adventures in Voting

Today, Massachusetts is holding a state primary, during which those of us taking a Democratic ballot have a choice for senator (although it's pretty clear that John Kerry will win re-election). Most of the other offices are uncontested in our precinct, and as a result they're not expecting a large turnout.

As is our wont, Nomi and I made a point of voting first thing in the morning today. The polling place opens at 7 am, and Nomi and I usually make it there around 6:55 am or so in order to beat the line. We were running a little late this morning, so we didn't make it to the polls until around 7:05 am.

Where we were greeted by the women at the check-in table with the words, "We were wondering where you were. Now we can have the election!"

Apparently, they've gotten so used to us being the first ones in line that they were worried when we hadn't shown up yet.

(In the end, we were voters #4 and #5 to feed our ballots into the scanner.)


It's a good feeling, being a part of a neighbourhood!
You have scanners? Coo. We have plywood boxes, still...

Our polling stations tend to be staffed by teachers and librarians and such, local govt employees who get the day off from their regular work; it's never the same people two years running, but most of the city librarians know me. It was quite a shock the first time I was greeted, "Hullo, Chaz!" by someone I didn't quite recognise out of context...
We tend to get the same people, too.

I get greeted by, "Oh, your husband was here earlier!" before they even get to our address.

Okay, fine. We kinda stand out in this neighborhood, but still.

I got to the polling place at about 8:30, and was the 20th ballot fed into the scanner. When the polling place was half a block from my house, I tended to get there earlier, but now that it's a whopping three blocks (whine!), not so much.
Our polling place is across the street at the local elementary school.

While the warm, fuzzy, neighborhood feeling seems kinda nice, it irritates my feeling of "anonymous" somehow.
I don't expect to be anonymous when I go to vote. But I do expect that my ballot and my name cannot be connected, and that tends to be the case.

December 2016

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