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Thank You, Skrulls

I can't help but be amused to note that in the midst of this horrible financial crisis, my Marvel stock is up 1.18%.
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Admittedly this past weekend I caught myself thinking of my 1930's-1950's SF magazine collection as more investment than reading material...
I try not to think of my comics as investments. I bought them for me, darn it. :-)

And yet, I keep trying to think of ways to sign copies of I Remember the Future that will make them valuable on the collectors' market.
When you sign them, stitch a Krugerrand into the spine.
Well, it would help their resale value. I'm just keeping an eye on your stated goal. :-)
Make them out "To my good friend eBay". : -)
Associational copies tend to do better; I think I'll make one out to Stephen King. :-)
Back in the early 80's, I sold off most of my comics collection (a near complete run of early X-men) to pay for the first year of grad school.

I'm pretty sure it was the right choice.
I suspect you should be thanking Tony Stark instead; the Iron Man movie performance (and probably reports that Raimi and Maguire will be doing Spider-Man 4 and 5) probably had a lot more to do with the stock price than the publishing unit.
Oh, I do appreciate everything that Stark Industries has done; but it's the Skrulls who control the economy. :-)
If the Skrulls ran the economy, do you think they would be doing as bad a job as the GOP?
The point is that the Skrulls are protecting their own...
Movies are countercyclical, right? And from an investor's point of view, Marvel and DC are effectively farm teams for Hollywood at this point, right?
DC is owned by Warner Bros., and is generally considered part of R&D.

Marvel is its own entity, and their business model is to keep their characters valuable so they can produce movies and make money through licensing.
Heh. I noticed MVL's performance, too.

As of right now, it's sadly down 0.4%. But my original time-stamped post still holds...
I think if I checked my stocks (including a pittance in MVL) more than once per day (usually less often) I'd go insane. Especially since I got my first post-college job, opened up my Roth IRA a few months after Bush II took office. Thankfully we're running out of bubbles to burst.

Oh, sure, life's just skittles and beer for the Skrull, but what about the Kree? Huh? What about the Kree?!
Aren't they having problems with the Shi'ar?

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