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Another New York City Visit – And How You Can Be a Part of It!

Unless the world comes to an end tomorrow, Nomi and I will be heading down to New York City on September 18 and returning to Boston on September 21.

The main impetus for the trip is that I'm taping an interview for the radio show Hour of the Wolf as part of the book tour for I Remember the Future. However, Nomi suggested that we turn it into a long weekend, and so we have.

Our schedule is a busy one. On Thursday night, we have tickets to South Pacific, and Friday of course is the radio interview. We're staying with our friends chaos_wrangler and G. over the weekend, and for shabbat, we're supposed to be visiting sdelmonte and batyatoon for lunch.

However, we do have some free time, and we'd like to invite people to join us if anyone's interested. Here's the deal.

Thursday afternoon:
Nomi and I are still trying to figure out what to do during this time. Our default is to catch the exhibits at the New-York Historical Society, but we're open to any other museum exhibits or anything else going on. Any suggestions? Anyone free to join us?

Friday afternoon:
During my interview taping, Nomi expects to be free, and she's looking for something to do or people to see. Then, after 2 pm or so, we'll be free together, with the only stipulation that we have to get back to our hosts' place before shabbat. Any ideas welcome. If nothing else comes to our minds, we'll probably hit a few bookstores...

Sunday lunch:
Nomi and I have decided to have lunch on Sunday in midtown Manhattan, as our train doesn't leave NYC until about 4 pm. We'd like to invite any and all who wish to join us to do so, but please let us know in advance so we can make an appropriate reservation. We're still working on which restaurant we want to patronize that day, and we're open to suggestions there too.
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Want to drop by and give me a *HUG*?
Always. :-) We may not have the time, but perhaps we could SQUEEZE you in (get it?) on Friday afternoon.
Alas, I will be in Boston while you are in New York. *sigh*. But have fun!
Isn't that always the way?
As it turns out, Kelly and I will be in NYC that Saturday for the second-to-last Yankee game. The game is scheduled for 1:05 PM and after the game, we were planning on catching up with my sister and brother-in-law for a while. Don't know if we'll run into you, but as always it would be nice to see you guys.

And hello! Hour of the Wolf! That's awesome!
Sounds like a great weekend; sorry I can't join ya!
We'll count you in!

I can't find anything on Sarabeth's website about their kashrut status. Are they a kosher restaurant? That's a prerequisite if Nomi and I are going to be able to eat anything...
At the moment, we're looking at Mr. Broadway because it's near Penn Station and can handle a large group (if we end up with one).
Oh, maybe I can finally meet you.

Sunday is the New York is Book Country fair in Central Park, though you might not have time for that and everything else. I can probably make it to lunch on Sunday, and only have prior plans for Thursday night (screening).

According to their e-mail, the Strand Annex on Fulton Street that was supposed to close 8/31 is still open through September and having a big sale. You might double-check this before heading downtown.
Hold everything! New York is Book Country is that Sunday? If that's the case, we're definitely going to want to attend. I used to go every year when I was a kid, and I have very fond memories of the fair.

Maybe we can plan a group book fair/lunch outing...
OK, so what are current plans, regarding NYIBC and/or lunch? Could you forward a cell # so we can connect? We're supposed to go to a wedding Sunday evening.
We'll have posts up later today regarding Sunday plans.

For cell phone number, check your panix email.
Their website at http://www.newyorkisbookcountry.com doesn't indicate any sort of schedule. Do you know when it begins and ends?

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