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Last Week Was a Busy One

One of the things that surprises me sometimes is how quickly our evenings can fill up. Although Nomi and I do maintain a close local social circle and a wider one that's a bit more spread out, we usually manage to have a few nights at home all to ourselves most of the time. Those nights became more valuable while I was taking classes, but I expected us to have more time to relax and write at home once my classes were finished.

I suspect the feeling that time is slipping away is a common one to many of us, especially those of us who write.

Anyway, last week ended up being a lot busier than usual, but in a good way. To recap:

On Sunday afternoon and evening, Nomi and I attended a wedding.

On Monday afternoon, Labor Day, we attended a barbecue.

On Tuesday evening, we attended a sheva brachos for the couple that got married on Sunday.

On Wednesday, we attended the Recognition Ceremony wherein I received my Certificate in Publishing from Boston University.

Certificate in Publishing Certificate in Publishing
Michael's Certificate in Publishing, suitable for framing. Photo copyright ©2008 by Michael A. Burstein.

On Thursday evening, we attended a bris at Kadimah-Toras Moshe, as two good friends of ours from the shul have just had a baby son.

Friday night began shabbat, of course, and we had an invitation out to dinner at the apartment of some close friends.

Shabbat morning we went to services; for lunch, we attended a large gathering to celebrate the birthday of a close friend.

Saturday night, we played Dungeons & Dragons (fourth edition) with a group of friends.

Yesterday, we ran a few errands, which included visiting with some friends in the middle of the day. Also, I did laundry.

So I look back at last week, and I ask myself, where did the time go?
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