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Certificate in Publishing Completed

As was reported in the science fiction news site SF Scope this morning, I have as of Wednesday night completed my Certificate in Publishing program at Boston University.

SFScope has some of the details on what I did in the program. What I'd like to talk about here is what happened on Wednesday night.

Boston University's Metropolitan College, which runs their Center for Professional Education, decided to hold a recognition ceremony for their graduates. Before the ceremony, Nomi and I ate dinner at the BU Hillel. The Hillel is in a different, newer building than it was in when Nomi and I were there, and the dining hall is a much nicer place. Also, the food is incredible. I have to say, this is the best kept secret of kosher dining in the Boston area. The all-you-can-eat price is a bit steep, but the food is at the same level of quality as either Milk Street or Rubin's. I highly recommend stopping by the Hillel to any of my kosher-keeping friends if you're on the campus.

The recognition ceremony went from about 7 pm to 9 pm and was held in Metcalf Hall at the George Sherman Union. The ceremony itself was bookended with a reception. The dean of Metropolitan College spoke, as well as the director of the Center for Professional Education and the directors of the five certificate-granting programs. It was a very nice ceremony; they talked about how those of us who had taken on this extra job to improve ourselves had taken Robert Frost's road less traveled by, and they thanked our families for supporting us through this time. The only odd part of it was that I didn't really know any of the other graduates, but then again, I wasn't expected to.

Afterwards, Nomi took this picture of me with one of my instructors, David Pallai.

Michael A. Burstein, David Pallai Michael A. Burstein, David Pallai
Holding his Certificate in Publishing, Michael stands next to David Pallai, instructor extraordinaire. Photo copyright ©2008 Nomi S. Burstein.

I have to praise David here a lot. He was my instructor for three of my eight classes, and I enjoyed every minute of his teaching. He's the owner and publisher of Infinity Science Press, so it's clear that he teaches in the BU program out of a love of teaching. He stepped in to run the Book Workshop class when he was asked to do so, for which I will always be grateful.

In words, he taught me the number one rule of publishing, which is this: Publishing is a business. But from his enthusiasm for the field, it's clear that rule number two is that publishing can be a lot of fun as well.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: if anyone in the Boston area is interested in learning about publishing, enroll in this program. I highly recommend it.

And Nomi? Thank you for letting me out of the house two nights a week for most of the year.



I'm sure you will have plenty of opportunities to put your newly acquired knowledge and training to use :-).
Mazel Tov!
Congratulations! I remember when you were debating which program to attend and it sounds like your decision really paid off.
That's awesome! Congrats!
As I've conveyed elsewhere, but don't begrudge doing so again, congratulations.

I received my Publishing Certificate from NYU, and being the usual NYC snob, thought I'd graduated from a better program. ;) Then, YOU GOT A CEREMONY! I didn't. NYU sent us our certificates in the mail. Phooey on NYU. Bravo for BU! Knowing the sacrifices of time, money and energy that people make to attend these programs, I'm heartily impressed that BU acknowledged your accomplishment appropriately.
Aren't you teaching in the NYU program as well? I didn't know you had gone through it.

BU apparently decided for the first time this year to hold a ceremony. I think it was a great idea.
Actually, I'm teaching in the City College of New York publishing certificate program, not NYU's. The confusion is probably because I replaced my former NYU Legal Issues professor, who had moved to CCNY's program when NYU's sort of declined.

I did the NYU program over several years, one course per semester at night. I actually ended up taking the required Intro To Publishing course as my last course, at which point I had over five years experience, and was already Contracts Director at S&S. That really set me apart from the other Intro students, but the professor loved having me there to back him up on publishing practices that some students thought could not possibly be.
Sounds like time well-spent! And a terrific program.
Mazel tov!
Congratulations! Is it just me, or does it seem like it was just a few days ago when you posted about possibly entering this program, and debating the pros and cons.... and here you are finished!

Well done! (I'm getting nostalgic for library school, which I did a couple of evenings a week while working full-time. It was a tough schedule sometimes but so enjoyable!)
I was thinking that myself as I read his post... how could he be finished already as we just had the survey. LOL, I guess time flies no matter what is going on.
Congrats! When I win the lottery and can take two nights a week for that as well as for belly dance, and still have time to get writing done, I'll sign right up ;)
Congrats on completing the training. Sounds like you enjoyed it as well as learned a lot.

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