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Independence Day

I notice that riba_rambles has posted the entire text of the Declaration of Independence here. You could also find it on her original source blog here.

As I mentioned before, gnomi and I will be going to the Old State House to hear them recite the Declaration. Our tradition is then to watch the film 1776, but we're also thinking of seeing a new film today in honor of the holiday.

Farenheit 9/11.


I *love* that film.
We've got both soundtracks to 1776 (the original film and the Brent Spiner version). We also saw the Reagle Players perform it in Waltham a few years back. I *wish* I could find a copy of the DVD to watch today; I particularly want to see Cool Conservative Men, which they cut from the film (at Nixon's request, apparently).
Um, we have the DVD, if you care to join us. Do you know how to get in touch? If you show up on AIM soon, I'll probably spot you...
What time? :-) I might be interested in either of these flicks, if it were early enough in the afternoon...
Funny, Deborah just asked me to put 1776 in the Netflix queue. I saw F 9/11 yesterday. It all seemed very unrealistic to me.
I saw it yesterday, and, at my mother's suggestion, took my younger brother, who we typically do not allow to watch R rated movies. With the exception of some of the details of the tangled web of relationships between various Saudi oil families (including the bin Ladens) and various members of the administration, most of the information was not new to me - but to see it all presented as a cohesive whole was stunning.

I was particularly distraught to see footage of a few US soldiers, clearly no more than 19 years old, talking about how they like'd to play The Bloodhound Gang's "The Roof is On Fire" while shelling targets. Contrast this with the footage and stories of clearly thoughtful, respectable soldiers, and it's disturbing to see those few young goons bringing dishonor to the uniform.

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