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At the Wedding

I am sitting with Nomi in Temple Beth Shalom waiting for the wedding of Erica Schultz and Justin Werfel to begin. The simple fact that I can post about this from my telephone amazes me.



Only if after the wedding they'll be attaching cans and the like to the couple's flying car.
The simple fact that you're on your phone, posting to livejournal, AT SOMEONE'S WEDDING,... depresses me.


(See, this year it won't be cell phones ringing on Yom Kippur. Betcha we hear instant messenger beeps, or movies playing.)

Let me know when you discover twitter.
I'm already on twitter, I just don't use it that much.
Ah yes, I remember that gleeful phase of novice iPhone ownership. I'd post from the bathroom when I could... ;-)
Glad I'm not the only one. :-D
Heh. Give them a hi and a hug for me!
I got this after the wedding, sorry...
No worries, I'm sure I'll see them at some point in the near future.
The iPhone is PSF (pure science fiction). Seriously, ten years ago, I could barely imagine that we'd have these already. :-)
You using the full interface, via safari? How's it going for you?

Facebook is about to upgrade their client, which will help, plus there's http://iphone.facebook.com/ which will also do some of the things that the app doesn't do.

It's a fun time to have a PAD, right?
The Safari interface works pretty well, except I'm still getting used to the keyboard.

Will my iPhone know automatically to download the new version of the Facebook client? Also, I'm not sure what that webpage you linked to is supposed to show me. Does it just show me what's on my iPhone? Am I supposed to use my iPhone to visit it, rather than visiting it from my iBook?
Hmm.. Haven't had a problem with getting updates on the iphone. Just figured out how to have it check for updates on iTunes, though. If you look at your list of apps that you've purchased, there's a link at the bottom of the page, to check for updates.

Handy that :)
Oh yes.. Where's pictures for the wedding?

It might be generational- not as many facebook users amongst her friends, as they're a bit over the main demo...
Where's pictures for the wedding?

I'm not sure what you mean. If Erica and Justin set up a page for pictures, I don't know about it. (I did take some of our own, though.)
No one has posted pictures yet :( That's all.
What? On Northern Boulevard?? My grandmother used to teach the sons of the old rabbi there. And they have the *best* bazaar in December, right before Hannukah.

I've been resistant to add Web services to my phone. Part is the financial cost (like we need to spend another $30 a month on this stuff?) I'm already too glued to the 'net as it is. :)
Temple Beth Shalom is a name that I would guess gets used a lot. In this case, the wedding was at Temple Beth Shalom in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
At first I thought, "a blank blue userpic?" ...and then the jumpy bird sent me into fits of giggles. hee!

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