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Help Us Choose a Phone!

Since everyone's been really helpful with the bag question...

This morning, Nomi's cell phone broke. For the past two years or so, she has said to me that I couldn't have an iPhone until our phones didn't work anymore. So now that her phone is broken, we need to get new phones. (We always keep to technological parity in our household.)

So here's a poll:

Poll #1248531 Should We Buy iPhones?

Should we buy iPhones?


Things to consider: Nomi and I each have a Palm Tungsten E and an iPod already. We like the Palm environment for calendar and notes. Our current phones are with AT&T, so we wouldn't have to switch carriers, but we would have to go to the trouble of exporting our Palm address book to the Apple version so it could sync with iPhones. And we would lose any information currently on the phone smartcards.

If we don't go with iPhones, I want something with a QWERTY keyboard that will let me surf the web and send email more easily than my current phone. Suggestions welcome.
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