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Circle Cinema Closing

I read in the Globe this morning that the Circle Cinema movie theatre, located at the border between Brookline and Boston at the end of the Green Line C, will be closing next month (cf. Curtain will close on two cinemas).

I'm saddened by the news. It's not as if I grew up with the Circle, since I grew up in New York City, but ever since I began living in Brookline the Circle has been a comfort. Nomi and I have gone there to see many movies, and we have some very good memories of the theatre. For example, in December 2001 we caught "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" on opening night at the Circle, and then we made a point of going to the exact same timed show for the two other "Lord of the Rings" films in 2002 and 2003. My memory also tells me that Nomi and I saw "Star Trek VI" there in 1991, although I could be mistaken.

With the Circle gone, our options for moviegoing will become fewer. It's true that in recent years we've gone to the Boston Common or the Fenway more often, but that's been more due to the selection of films at those theatres and less due to location. The Circle's location made it a much easier theatre for us to reach.

I've dealt with this sort of thing before. The Nickelodeon, where I saw "School Ties," closed years ago, as did the Cheri, where I saw "The Hunt for Red October" and "Groundhog Day." And it's not like the closing of a movie theatre is such a major tragedy. (National Amusements said that they'll try to find other jobs for their employees affected by the closings, which is good of them. I hope they follow through.)

And, of course, I've talked about the closing of some favorite bookstores, like Wordsworth and Coliseum Books. Perhaps it's not the loss of the theatre that bothers me, but the erosion of my past...
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