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Help Me Choose a New Bag

Believe it or not, that's exactly what this post is about.

For much of my life, I commuted to school with a standard LL Bean Back Pack. A few years ago, I switched to the LL Bean Deluxe Book Pack.

But now I've decided I want to switch to something else. I'd like something smaller, but still roomy, and more comfortable to carry. I'm looking for an over-the-shoulder bag with zippers, kind of like a messenger bag, but not quite. I want a bag that can hold a few books (hardcover and paperback), a notebook and pens. So I do want something roomy, but also not as incredibly large as the Back Pack I'm now using.

Basically, I want something I'd feel more comfortable carrying with me if (let's say) I have to go to the theater after work. Something I can tuck away a little better, but not too small either.

Yesterday, gnomi and I had lunch with rikchik and M. rikchik had a nice bag from Ameribag, which M. told me was the medium size HelixX DNA bag. Is that what I want, or do I want something else? And if I want it, do I want it in medium or large? (The problem is that I can't examine their bags up close, as the nearest store that carries their line doesn't carry the ones I'd be interested in.)

Any advice would be appreciated.
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