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Thinking About Robbie Greenberger

I spent much of my day thinking of Robbie Greenberger, and the loss suffered by his family. I can't imagine what they're going through.

Mom once told me that the worst thing in the world was when a parent had to bury a child. I wish I still had Mom around to talk to her about this horrible tragedy.

Bob Greenberger has posted on his blog about Robbie's final days, in his post The Final Week. Robbie was surrounded by friends and family when he passed.

The family is receiving friends on Sunday, and Nomi and I have to decide if we're going to be able to go see them. It's a three-hour drive, there and back, and I want to be there for them, but I don't know if we can go. I feel so helpless.

The family has said that in lieu of flowers, contributions in Robbie’s memory may be made to The Tommy Fund for Childhood Cancer, Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital, 20 York Street, New Haven, CT 06511-3202 (www.tommyfund.org). We plan to make a donation in Robbie's memory.


It's just so hard.

I can only imagine.
::hug:: Wish I could be there.
A couple years ago my dear friend's Goddaughter was killed in a wreck. My attendance at the funeral meant a lot to her and the amazing turnout for H meant a lot to H's father (H's mother had died a few years before). I think if you and Nomi are able to go it will mean a lot to the Greenbergers. If they are like H's father or my friend they won't be able to express it at the time, but later they will go through guest books and other evidence of who was there, and talk about it and be comforted that so many people were there for their son.



My grandmother survived the loss of two husbands, but it was the loss of her son that broke her.

No parent should *ever* have to bury a child.

I am so glad that I work in a hospital where people hardly ever die...

December 2016

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