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Campbell Pins!

I just saw this post at Science Fiction Awards Watch that says that Jay Lake has announced a Campbell nominee pin, and that former nominees and winners will be getting pins. As a former nominee and winner myself, I am delighted, and I can't wait to get my pin.

I did ask two questions over there, though:

1. Does this mean that Campbell nominees will no longer get Hugo pins? (Some Worldcons gave them Hugo pins, some didn’t. In my case, I have Hugo pins for both times I was nominated.)

2. Do writers who were nominated for the Campbell twice get two pins? (To put this in perspective, every time someone gets nominated for a Hugo or a Nebula, they get a pin. As a double-nominee for the Campbell myself, I have an admitted vested interest in this question.)

A question I didn't ask about there: what about deceased nominees and winners? I'd like to see David Feintuch's heirs get one.

Also, if anyone has a link to a picture of the new pin, could they post the link? I'd love to see it.

As usual, I'll be gone from the Internet until Saturday night local time. Play nice.


I don't know if Jay designed the Campbell pin, but Spring S... (oh shoot, it's late) executed the design.

There will be a photo of it up on the Denvention Web site after the Hugos tomorrow night. It's way cool
I think this pin collecting is getting out of hand. I know when we created the Nebula nominee pin, the plan was that a first-time nominee would get one, and that was it. Once a Nebula nominee, always a Nebula nominee, and no need to keep count with multiple pins. Obviously, that minor point got lost almost immediately, when someone else thought those ovals were somehow in competition with the little rockets. And really, other than Mike Resnick, how many of those pins do you want to wear at one time?
I usually wear one Hugo and one Nebula pin, but I like knowing I have the spares in case I lose either one. Also, I can keep them on multiple blazers at once, so I don't have to transfer the pins.

And I like shaking the box full of pins. :-)

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