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The Great Drive, Day 8

As I expected, Readercon interrupted my ability to blog the rest of Josh and Rachel's cross-country trip on a daily basis. However, even though their journey is now ended, I can still give a daily report of what happened after we left them sleeping in Casper, Wyoming. And if all goes well, they'll be back on the Internet tonight and can send me corrections to these reports.

Lots of pictures coming up...

On Thursday, July 17, Josh, Rachel, the kids, and the cats woke up in Casper, Wyoming. In the morning, Rachel ran some errands, and she was delighted to discover a Target right across the street from a Walmart. For whatever reason, Josh and Rachel do not like Walmart, but they do like Target, and she was very glad that this time she did not have to go shopping at a Walmart. The Target she went to was literally the first one they had seen in thousands of miles, since the last time they saw one was back in Richmond, Virginia.

They drove through Wyoming all day, seeing "nothing much" until they reached the Grand Tetons. However, it seems to me that they did see a lot...

Josh in Wyoming Josh in Wyoming
Josh at Bridger Road – Waltman Crossing

...including some signs...

Wyoming's Wildlife Wyoming's Wildlife
More evidence that Josh and his family made it to Wyoming.


Josh and the Kids at Yellowstone Drug in Wyoming Josh and the Kids at Yellowstone Drug in Wyoming

...and interesting wildlife.

Wyoming Wildlife Photo #1 Wyoming Wildlife Photo #1

Wyoming Wildlife Photo #2 Wyoming Wildlife Photo #2

But here are the Grand Tetons.

Grand Tetons Photo #1 Grand Tetons Photo #1
...or just an incredible facsimile

Grand Tetons Photo #2 Grand Tetons Photo #2
...or at least, I think it's the Grand Tetons

They made it to Jackson Hole and eventually crossed into Idaho.

Welcome to Idaho Welcome to Idaho

Rachel told me that crossing into Idaho they drove up a narrow, windy mountain path and down again, which terrified Josh. But beyond that was pretty farmland, and then they made it to their stop for the night, Idaho Falls. And, most importantly of all, they found a Starbucks at the Fred Meyer in Idaho Falls.

By the way, Josh recommended a book to me: Starbucked: A Double Tall Tale of Caffeine, Commerce, and Culture by Taylor Clark. I'm barely into the book, and already I've learned that Boston Harbor holds enough caffeine to give the fish a slight buzz, because, um, a lot of Bostonians drink coffee and that caffeine has to end up somewhere eventually.

As soon as I can, I'll post about Day 9 of The Great Drive, which includes a visit to the Craters of the Moon.

(New basic message: Rachel is now going to a midnight showing of the new X-Files movie tonight at the Eugene Valley River Center movie theater, and now has an extra ticket for the 10 pm showing on Friday night. If anyone wants it, let me know.)
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