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Off to Readercon and Something More

As Nomi has mentioned already in her journal, we're off to Readercon this weekend. And since they now feature Thursday night programming, our weekend is starting a day early.

I posted my programming schedule a few days ago, and I snuck in one particular listing. I'm surprised that no one commented on it. Either no one is reading my posts anymore unless they feature my younger brother driving across the country, or people skip convention schedules when they're not planning to be there.

So, let me post that one line once more time:

Friday 12:01 AM: “The Dark Knight” at the AMC Loews Burlington 10

That's right. For the first time in my life that I can recall, I'm going to a midnight movie.

We may be starting out the convention weekend exhausted, but it'll be worth it.

See you all on the flip side.


The fact that no one commented on your midnight movie may simply be a result of people taking it for granted that in our social circle, such things aren't unusual. I love you and Nomi like crazy, but I admit that I don't track your movie-going habits. I have many friends for whom attending a midnight movie of this sort is completely normal; they wouldn't give it a second thought. When I saw the listing, I just figured: Gee, they're bigger Batman fans than I realized, and that was sort of it.

But by all means: Enjoy the midnight movie phenomenon. With a film like this, you're bound to get a lively audience and it will be that much more fun overall.
It was more that no one looked at my Readercon program schedule and wondered what sort of panel "The Dark Knight" was. :-)
Don't forget to bring the strippers!
Sorry, the entry didn't really make an impression on me, possibly because we're seeing that movie at 7 this evening.
I consulted with Nomi :).
In this circle, I think there are a bunch of people who went to the first showing...

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