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The Great Drive, Day Seven

Josh called me a few times yesterday to tell me about the vast empty spaces that they were driving through in Wyoming.

The Vast, Empty Spaces of Wyoming The Vast, Empty Spaces of Wyoming

They had spent Tuesday night in Aravada, Colorado, with a friend of Rachel's. They had a picnic lunch and went to a beach on Big Soda Lake, but I forget if they did that on Tuesday or Wednesday. (At least, I think it's called Big Soda Lake. I'm having a hard time deciphering my notes from yesterday's calls.)

Wednesday morning (or maybe early afternoon) they got on the road again and crossed into Wyoming. Josh called me around 3:38 pm EDT (1:38 pm MDT) to tell me that they were on I-25 North, beyond Cheyenne, and that there was absolutely nothing on the road for miles.

"Wait, there's a house," he said at one point. He also spotted a post with four mailboxes on it. It reminded me of the time I drove from Los Alamos to Lamy, New Mexico. Very desolate, and very empty.

Josh wasn't surprised, though, given that the estimated population of Wyoming (as he recalled) was 493,000.

He told me that they only had a quarter of a tank of gas and no water, and miles to go to the next town, which has a very appropriate name for the area.

Chugwater, Wyoming, and that really is their website. I went searching for it to see if they had one, so I could tell Josh if there was a gas station there. Not only did I find listings for auto repair, but I also found Horton's Corner, a place where Josh and the family could stop for water.

They found it too.

Horton's Corner, Chugwater, Wyoming Horton's Corner, Chugwater, Wyoming
Civilization at last.

And they got water.

Water...water... Water...water...

Josh was desperate for a Starbucks as well, and as they were staying in Casper, Wyoming that night, he asked me to use the Starbucks finder to find him one. As it so happens, there's one at the Eastridge Mall, and I gave him directions. I presume he got his Starbucks coffee last night, but I don't know for sure.

Today is day eight of the Great Drive, but I may not have a chance to update for a bit, as Nomi and I are going to Readercon tonight and will be away the whole weekend. So for those of you who can't wait, here's their itinerary for the last few days:

Day 8 (Thursday, July 17): Casper, Wyoming to Idaho Falls, Idaho
Day 9 (Friday, July 18): Idaho Falls, Idaho to Boise, Idaho
Day 10 (Saturday, July 19): Boise, Idaho to Prineville, Oregon
Day 11 (Sunday, July 20): Prineville, Oregon to Eugene, Oregon
Day 12 (Monday, July 21): Move into house in Eugene Oregon

And if you want to see a picture of the Dick Cheney Federal Building, be sure to check out the picture gallery, link below.

(Basic message repeats: Rachel is looking for a group with which to go see the new X-Files movie at the 10 pm showing on the night of Friday July 25 at the Eugene Valley River Center movie theater. She already has her ticket. Get in touch if you'd like to go see the movie with her.)

[Josh & Rachel's Trip Picture Gallery]


A shame they're not coming through Seattle, though I can understand why; the traffic here is some of the worst in the nation. Still, it would have been fun to meet your family. I guess I'll just have to settle for waiting to see you instead. :-)
Nothing's a done deal yet...but it would be nice to visit you.
Readercon is a science fiction convention devoted to printed science fiction. Their website is at http://www.readercon.org if you want more information. I'm on the program starting tonight.
It might be a vast empty space, but that sure didn't stop anyone from fencing it in!

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