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The Great Drive, Day Three

Saturday was the third day of Josh and Rachel's Great Drive; they woke up that morning with the kids and cats in Louisville, Kentucky, and they went to bed that night in St. Louis, Missouri.

They continue to send me pictures and updates, but it's catch as catch can, so some of what I report may not be completely accurate. Anyway, here goes.

On Day 3, they left Kentucky and spent much of their day driving through Indiana and Illinois.

Have We Arrived in Illinois Yet? Have We Arrived in Illinois Yet?

At the border, after they crossed into Illinois, they arrived at the Skeeter Mountain Rest Area.

Skeeter Mountain Skeeter Mountain

I'm guessing they liked the name Skeeter Mountain.

They visited a 1950s style McDonald's in New Baden, Illinois. They sent me one photo, but it wasn't very good. Maybe someone out there can find a better on on the Internet.

When they reached St. Louis, they drove past the famous arch.

The St. Louis Arch The St. Louis Arch
Wow. It's an arch, all right.

In St. Louis, they went swimming with friends of Rachel's and then went out to dinner with friends of Joshua's. They went to Kobe, a Japanese steakhouse, and Emma apparently hid while the food was cooked in front of them.

(Basic message repeats: Rachel is looking for a group with which to go see the new X-Files movie at the 10 pm showing on the night of Friday July 25 at the Eugene Valley River Center movie theater. She already has her ticket. Get in touch if you'd like to go see the movie with her.)

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