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The Great Drive, Day Two

Today is day two of the Great Drive, and Josh and Rachel made sure to send me lots more pictures for everyone's amusement.

They started in West Virginia, where they stayed last night. They went to an Amish farmer's market to get snacks for the trip, and before they left the state, they made sure to view the state capital in Charleston.

The Capitol Building, West Virginia The Capitol Building, West Virginia

They eventually made it to the border with Kentucky, thanks to Sue's help.

Sue, the Marvelous GPS Sue, the Marvelous GPS

Josh told me that they passed the Daniel Boone National Forest at some point. He also says that they keep seeing three crosses on the side of the road, like they did yesterday. He's wondering if it represents anything specific. Anyone know?

Apparently, they had a bad experience getting coffee at a McDonald's, but Josh was trying to tell me about it while his cell phone signal was low, and I was working, so I'm not clear on the details. However, there was a point at which all three kids had an hour-long temper tantrum when they stopped for food.

Also, apparently at one point they were attacked by vicious bales of hay, that rolled down the hill and tried to crush them.

Bales of Hay Bales of Hay
07-11-2008 "Oh, no! We'll be hit by a bale of hay!"

But they escaped and stayed on the road...

On the Road On the Road

More Road More Road

And then eventually found a Starbucks.

Ah, Starbucks Ah, Starbucks

(Pop quiz: name who else is in the photo, on the right side.)

Interestingly enough, around 4 pm they were near Lexington, Kentucky, and I IMed my publisher and suggested that he get in touch with them. But alas, it is not to be, as Josh & Rachel & co. are settling in at a Louisville hotel tonight.

Anyone in Louisville who wants to meet my brother, let me know.

(Basic message repeats: Rachel is looking for a group with which to go see the new X-Files movie at the 10 pm showing on the night of Friday July 25 at the Eugene Valley River Center movie theater. She already has her ticket. Get in touch if you'd like to go see the movie with her.)

[Josh & Rachel's Trip Picture Gallery]
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