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Old State House Declaration Reading

This morning, as I noted, Nomi and I went to the reading of the Declaration at the Old State House in Boston. It had rained this morning, and the sky was cloudy, so it felt as if the festivities were a little dampened. Despite that, there was a large crowd, and at least one person who shouted enthusiastically when hearing the part of the Declaration about the right of the people to alter or abolish a destructive government.

Anyway, as usual, they had a member of the armed forces and a new citizen lead the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. This year's new citizen was Craig Ferguson, who has his own TV show on CBS:

Old State House Balcony, With Craig Ferguson Old State House Balcony, With Craig Ferguson
Photo copyright © 2008 by Nomi S. Burstein.

Of course, the real point of the event was the reading of the Declaration, done, as always, by the head of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Boston:

The Reading of the Declaration The Reading of the Declaration
Photo copyright © 2008 by Nomi S. Burstein.

After the reading, Nomi and I came home, went shopping, and spent the rest of the day cooking, relaxing, and enjoying our freedoms.

(If you want read what I said about last year's reading, check out Independence Day 2007.)
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