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The Willa's Hat Project

I don't know how many crafty people read my LiveJournal; craftworks are more gnomi's department. But I wanted to alert people who are into craftwork of a good cause.

My friend saxikath has started The Willa's Hats Projects, in honor of three-year-old Willa Fischer, who died of cancer on June 25. She was the daughter of a friend of saxikath's mom, and saxikath had originally considered giving Willa a hat last Christmas. (As happens with many cancer patients, the treatments caused Willa's hair to fall out.) But Willa already had been given lots of hats by her classmates in a show of support, so she didn't really need another hat.

And that's when saxikath came up with the idea of donating hats to the hospital for all the other children who are being treated for cancer. And thus, the Willa's Hat Project was born.

So that's the story. If you feel like contributing to a good cause, make a hat, and send it to the address in the above link. Or contribute materials for others to use in making hats. saxikath will send all the hats along to the Colorado Children's Hospital cancer unit, and with luck, your hats will bring smiles to the faces of children who are fighting for their lives.

(I'm very proud to know saxikath.)
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