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Why I've Been So Busy

So, as my half-brother Danny noted to me in an email a ways back, I haven't been posting here as often as usual. For those of you who are interested, it's because I've been very busy with three things, which I shall summarize below in a handy-dandy list with some explanation.

1. Work.

Not much more to add there.

2. The BU Certificate in Publishing Program

As I mentioned before, ever since January I've been enrolled in the Boston University Certificate in Book and Magazine Publishing program. When I asked friends for advice on whether or not I should try to complete the program within one calendar year, a few people warned me that it would take time away from other things.

Well, they were right, but in the end I'm very glad I chose to start and finish the program in 2008. In about two more months, I'll have completed all the classes and earned my certificate, leaving me free once again those two nights a week.

For the past two months, I've been taking BK 105, Book Editing, and PUB 108, Publishing Law, Copyright, & Literary Agents. Both courses were just as valuable as the other courses I've taken, and I'll have more to say about them later on. For the purposes of this post, however, it's enough to note that the courses and the outside work I had to do for them was another factor in why I've been away from blogging for so long.

3. "I Remember the Future"

As I noted ten days ago, the main thing that kept me from blogging was the book. You'd think that writing only two more stories to fill out a collection wouldn't take all that much time, right? Well, no. I've been agonizing over the title story to the collection, because I wanted to get it just right. My long-suffering publisher, bless his heart, willingly stepped back and gave me the space and time I needed to complete the story. I finally managed to figure out exactly how to say what I wanted to say with it, and the story is done. But, this means that the publication date of the book is slipping from September to October. To all those of you who pre-ordered the hardcover already or plan to do so soon, you will get your signed copies of the book, trust me. They'll be just a little late, and I take full responsibility for that.

So there we have it; the three things that have been keeping me most occupied. Now that the manuscript is done, I'm hoping to have a little more time to blog this summer. But there's still two more classes, Marketing & Publicity for Book Publishers (BK 106) and Book Workshop (BK 107), to go, and I have to get to work on collaborations I promised to do with three other writers, and...

Expect me when you see me.
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