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Blanche Korones Burstein, 102

Apparently, my father's aunt Blanche died. There's a paid obituary in today's New York Times and at this link.

I didn't even know anyone from that generation was still alive. To make it clear who she was, my father's father was Abraham. Abraham had four siblings: Teddy, Hilda, Elliot, and Julius. Julius was married to Blanche.

I thought I remembered being at Julius's funeral as a little boy, but apparently I was wrong. Julius died in 1981 according to this.

I wish Mom were still around. She would have noticed this obit and called to tell me about it. Instead, Josh did.


my mom called em a few months ago to tell me that Aunt Ethel died. Um...okay..... she was grandma's aunt and was somewhere in her early 100s. I didn't even know that she existed. Weird.
Sorry for your family's loss.
Sorry for your loss. Though it was a nice Obituary.
Hi. So I was actually looking for Blache's (to me, Nanny's) obituary--I am her great-granddaughter--and stumbled across this. Nanny's eldest daughter (she passed away two years ago) was my mom's mom. As you are in my family, I figured I should post. I think you're my third cousin? Is that how it works?
Hi! I think we are third cousins. My grandfather was Abraham Burstein, whose brother Julius married Blanche. So I think that makes us third cousins, but at some remove, since you're a great-granddaughter and not a granddaughter.

Would you be willing to take this to email? Ever since my mom died last year, I've been wanting to find out more about the complete genealogy of our family.
Did we ever take this discussion to email after your Nanny (Blanche) died? I'm trying to put together some family tree info on Geni.com and would love your help if you're willing.

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