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Today's Media Appearances

1. Letter in The Brookline TAB supporting the re-election of Gil Hoy to the Board of Selectmen

2. A comic strip by Seanan (LJ: cadhla)

Guess which one is more amusing. Go ahead, guess.


I thought this was going to be one of those trick questions. Something in the line of the Arcata Eye police log.

I count as a media appearance? Spiff!
The comic is hilarious. I remember that panel well. Wasn't she a last minute add-on?
She was indeed a last-minute add-on. And one for which many, many people complimented me on, and I was more than happy to take credit for it. :-)
It's always fun to see how someone draws you :)
Her memory is going. She sang "Suddenly Syler" not "Little Shop of Heroes". I actually finished the lyrics to that song, but I'm too shy to send them to her. Maybe if I had a microphone ...
Seanan actually explains in her LJ post why she went with the "Little Shop" song for the cartoon.

Edited at 2008-04-17 05:11 pm (UTC)
My memory isn't going; 'Suddenly Sylar' doesn't work as well as a visual gag. I also didn't jump out of my chair, or do the panel accompanied by two completely generic cartoon people. ;)
Apologies for any insult unintentionally offered. You're correct - the joke is funny with Little Shop of Heroes than Suddenly Syler. It was just my pride in having my suggestion so enthusiastically taken up which rendered me pedantic.
What was the panel?

(Yet again, I wonder why I missed Boskone. Oh, right! My honeymoon. *grin*)
It was the humor panel on Saturday night. The panel had a list of title mash-ups and we were supposed to come up with humorous plots to go along with them.

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